Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The return of the prodigal son..and Britney Spears

I'm back...For those who've wondered, the last couple of years I've been wandering the North American continent from coast to coast, from sea to sea, looking at a variety of security issues, and how regular people - including mariners - have been affected. Made a documentary film about what's happening to the Canada-US border. Spent a lot of time up close and personal seeing how fishermen work off Canada's East Coast. And watched as the issue of maritime crime (including piracy) has faded from the headlines. But it hasn't faded for those still affected by things. Just ask the families of all those still being held captive in Somalia or Nigeria.

Now, on the bizarre upside, look at this odd news item about how some are dealing with Somali pirates. I wish I'd made this up. And, as a colleague said to me today: "I had no idea Somali pirates had such good taste." Go figure, and read this: http://thestar.blogs.com/worlddaily/2013/10/britney-spears-is-toxic-to-somali-pirates.html