Sunday, April 20, 2008

Canadian Navy assumes leadership role in Arabian Sea

The navy destroyer HMCS Iroquois departed from Halifax yesterday (Saturday, April 19) on the first leg of a six-month deployment that will see Canada assume command of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF150) in the Arabian Sea. After meeting up with the frigate HMCS Calgary and the supply vessel HMCS Protecteur in the Caribbean, the trio of warships will head for the waters off the Horn of Africa, where piracy has been making headlines of late.

CTF150 will be commanded by Commodore Bob Davidson and comprise the Canadian contingent as well as seven other warships from the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Pakistan, about 2,500 personnel in all. Along with responding to any potential acts of piracy in the area, the task force provides support to coalition forces - on land, at sea and in the air - that are dealing with security and anti-terrorism issues, as well as working with regional allies.

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