Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Indian Navy sinks the wrong vessel

It has now been confirmed by the IMB's Piracy Reporting Centre that the vessel sunk last week by an Indian warship was not a pirate mothership but, rather, a fishing boat that had been hijacked by pirates. The Thai-owned fishing boat, Ekawat Nava 5, had been commandeered early on November 18 and the crew had been tied up by their captors, according to the shipowner. Later that same day, the Indian Navy Ship Tabar encountered the Ekawat Nava 5 and ordered the fishing boat to stop for an inspection. The pirates are reported to have threatened the warship, leaving the Indians no choice but to fire on what they believed was a mothership, eventually destroying the vessel. But with the rescue of a crewman from the fishing boat day ago, after six days adrift, the real story has come to light, with tragic consequences. Fourteen of his crewmates remains missing.

Photo of Ekawat Nava 5 exploding, Nov. 18, 2008 (Indian Navy photo)

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Enthusiast said...

Rescued ship owner, must be relieved. Why you lambast efforts of Indian Navy. Do you think Canadian Navy too should contribute to International piracy patrolling.