Friday, August 14, 2009

Captives escape from Somali pirates

This doesn't happen that often, so it's interesting to read the reports (see here and here) that a large group of captives managed to overpower their pirate kidnappers and escape. The Egyptian mariners - numbering about 40 - had been captured in mid-April when Somali pirates seized two fishing boats in the Gulf of Aden. According to the press reports, the Egyptians yesterday managed to overpower their captors in the northern coastal village of Las Qoray (also spelled Las Qorey), killing at least two pirates and wounding one more. The fishermen are said to now be heading home. It was near Las Qoray that the ironically-named Italian tug Buccaneer had been held for several months, until being released last weekend.

By the way, I noticed an odd little line in the BBC report: "Correspondents say police in the region are investigating." Investigating? Would that be the illegal seizure of vessels by Somalis and kidnapping of foreigners, or the injury and death of pirates?

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