Friday, February 12, 2010

Talking about piracy on BlogTalkRadio, Sunday, February 14 at 5pm ET

For those who might be interested, I will joining the hosts of this Sunday's Midrats show that can be heard on BlogTalkRadio from 5-6pm Eastern time. Along with fellow guest Kevin Doherty - a former Marine and US Special Agent who now runs Nexus Consulting - we will be discussing some of the latest trends and developments related to the world of piracy on the high seas.

With yesterday's release of the Taiwanese fishing vessel Win Far 161 - and the ongoing mystery as to whether any of its crew died while in captivity - part of our discussion will look at some of the issues revolving around foreign fishing off the Horn of Africa, as well as the plight of those taken captive by pirates in the region. (There are currently over 160 individuals being held hostage in that part of the world, often in abysmal conditions. For instance, it has recently been reported that a British woman, yachter Rachel Chandler, narrowly escaped being raped by a pirate captor the other day.)

You're welcome to listen in, post comments in the show's chat room and even call in to make your thoughts known on air. And while I know it's a busy day with a lot going on - what with Valentine's Day, the start of the lunar New Year, the Daytona 500 and the Winter Olympics - I invite everyone to catch the show live, or listen to it on the Midrats' archives. You can jump to the show's website by clicking on the link below, and I look forward to discussion.

Listen to Midrats on Blog Talk Radio

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