Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Somali Pirates Attack Another Naval Vessel

The European Union's Maritime Security Centre - Horn of Africa (MSCHOA) has just released news that a French navy supply vessel, the FS Somme, was attacked by suspected pirates Monday evening (April 19), while sailing about 400 nautical miles off the Somali coast. Six individuals were apprehended by the crew of the Somme after they apparently mistook the supply vessel for a merchant ship. The naval vessel came under fire, which was returned, and then the French chased down both a mothership and two skiffs being used by the suspects. The mothership was destroyed after a short chase, and one of the skiffs was later seized. The six suspects, along with some of their gear and a skiff, are currently being held aboard the Somme. And, as MSCHOA also notes, this is the second time the Somme has been faced pirates and taken action against the attackers: In October of 2009, the supply vessel was involved in another incident and, at that time, captured five pirates and their skiff.

Photos below were released by the French Ministry Of Defense to MSCHOA and show the pirate skiff being taken aboard the Somme. More can be seen by clicking here.

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